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Bulk Import Employees is a tool used to add employees to an account through a bulk import of a spreadsheet. It allows you to add employees very quickly for a new client, or, in some cases, update existing employees with new information. This tool is found under Accountant Menu > Bulk Import - Employees. The file can be created in any spreadsheet program (Excel, GoogleDocs, etc) but you must use column headers as defined in this article. 

This article applies to TimeWorksPlus. If you are looking for the TimeWorks version, please see Bulk Import - TimeWorks.

When adding new employees, at minimum you will need the following columns:
  • Employee Code - identified by Code or Empl or Emp or E or Code or Num
  • First - identified by First, FN or F
  • Last - identified by Last, LN, or L
IMPORTANT: The spreadsheet should have at minimum an Employee Code in order to work. You can run it without an Employee Code, but that is what the system will use to identify the employees and if you don't do it in this process, you will need to manually enter it in Employee Setup after the fact. There is no way to update existing employees with a new Employee Code.

Attached to this article is an example of a spreadsheet formatted for import.

Headers and Explanation

  • ExportBlock - Y or N to configure the employee so that they are excluded from the payroll export
  • WebClock - Y or N to disable/enable WebClock
  • DeleteCardNumbers - Y or N, but if nothing is entered, it will default to no. If set to yes, it will wipe out all current logins/card number for that employee. This can be useful if you have existing employees in the system and want to erase their card numbers and/or replace them with new numbers.
  • Logins - also known as Card Numbers, are the values used to identify the employee at the clock. This could be a PIN number, a card number or a login name. You can have multiple logins in this column if you separate them with commas (1111,2222,3333,4444), however, only the first three can be used as WebClock/ESS or Biometric logins.

Updating Existing Employee(s)

To update an employee you MUST have an employee code for that employee. When updating employee's information, the employee code is the field that ties the update to the employee (Not the names).

Additional Column Headers

  • Middle or MN or M
  • Designation or DESI or DES
  • StartDate or Hire
  • EndDate or Term
  • EssPassword or Ess
  • Phone or Ph
  • Email
  • WebClock or WebC
  • Logins
  • ExportBlock
  • DeleteCardNumbers
  • SSN
  • Options
  • Title
  • Department
  • Location
  • Supervisor
  • Home1
  • Home2
  • Home3

Headers that Require a Processing Rule Enabled

If you are using the processing rule PayRates in TimeWorks Plus the below would be valid in addition to the default headers:

  • PayRate0

If you add additional pay rates via the processing rule, the below would also be available:

  • PayRate1
  • PayRate2
  • PayRate3
  • PayRate4
  • (etc...)

If you are using the processing rule RoundToSchedule this will allow for the below to also be imported:
If you are using the processing rule Birthday this will allow for the below to also be imported:
  • Birthday


Employee_Import_List.xlsx Employee_Import_List.xlsx

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