Hours Alert

This rule will create an alert on the time card when an employee reaches a defined threshold of an individual max.

To find this rule, go to Processing Rules > Uncategorized > HoursAlert, or in the Search box type in HoursAlert, hours, or alert.

To set up this rule, go to the rule, and choose your settings:
  • Type is what type of alert you want to show up on the time cards. Exact time will display the time at which the employee will reach their max if they are currently on the clock and past the threshold. Hours will display how many hours left until they reach their max if they are currently off the clock and within the threshold.
  • Overtime Eligibility will only account for punch categories that contribute towards OT when checked.
  • Hours Before sets the amount of hours before the max that triggers the alert. So if this is set to 10 and the employee's max is set to 40, the alert will show when they reach 30.
  • Clock Prompts allows you to populate a clock prompt with this information so that you can run reports on this alert. You will need to set up a prompt for this purpose before you can use it.
The threshold is set per employee. When this rule is saved, a new employee setup field will show in the Employee Setup called Max Weekly Hours.

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