TimeWorks vs. TimeWorksPlus Designation

To find out which system a client is currently on please do the following:
  1. Using your Accountant Login, log into TimeWorks Plus. Below is a link: www.payrollservers.us/pg
  2. Then select the "Client List" link and there should be a column called "TimeWorks Plus Status" showing the different statuses of you clients.

A listing of different levels of migration to TimeWorks Plus is below:
  • TimeWorks, states that the account is currently assigned to SCC (SwipeClock TimeWorks) and has not been migrated or is in the process of migrating to TimeWorks Plus.
  • Testing, Access to clients in TimeWorks Plus is only available to logins with Accountant permissions or higher. Clients and Supervisors will have access to their client accounts in TimeWorks only.
  • Migrating, This is a partial migration to where Accountants, Clients and Supervisors can log into both TimeWorks AND TimeWorks Plus. But they will need to use the appropriate web addresses to access the different systems. Please note that edits in TimeWorks AND WebClock 1.0 punches will not show in TimeWorks Plus and vice verse. Just the real time punches made at physical clocks OR WebClock 2.0.
  • Migrated, The account has been fully moved over to TimeWorks Plus and the client (and supervisors) will no longer be able to log into TimeWorks.
  • Native, The client account was created in TimeWorks Plus.

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