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Finalizing Pay Periods / Accepting Pay Periods

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 11:40AM MST
Finalizing provides a method for preserving a pay periods time cards and accrual data. It does this by prohibiting:
  • edits to the time card
  • manual adjustments to accruals through the Adjust Accrual Balances tool
  • changes to the time card through scripting
  • changes to the time card through processing rule changes
  • changes to the accruals through scripting
If the pay period is unfinalized, any of the above items will affect the time cards and accruals.

Only the Client Level and Accountant Level users have access to the Finalize Pay Periods tool.

After all time cards have been checked and prepared for payroll, you can “lock” the punches by finalizing the pay period.
  1. Click Maintenance Menu
  2. Click Finalize Pay Period
  3. You will see a warning if there are any missing punches that need to be addressed for the pay period being cued for finalization.
  4. Click “Finalize Pay Period”
  5. If you want to finalize another pay period, click on “Finalize Pay Period” under the Maintenance Menu again to refresh the screen.
You can always “unfinalize” a pay period if you need to make changes, but once you finalize your first pay period, finalizing and unfinalizing needs to be done serially.  This means if you have 3 pay periods, pay period 1 is finalized and 2 and 3 aren’t, you can’t finalize 3 until you finalize 2.

Accepting a Pay Period

Accountant level users (not the client) also have the option to "Accept" a pay period. Accepting prevents a client from un-Finalizing a pay period. This can help ensure data integrity in the system after you run pay roll.
  • The "Accept" option appears as a radio button choice in the Finalize Pay Period page under the "Last Finalized Pay Period" section.
  • You can only "Accept" a pay period that has already been Finalized, but you have the option of Finalizing the pay period on behalf of your client.
  • If you do not see the "Accept" option after Finalizing a pay period, click the Finalize Pay Period link in the Maintenance Menu list to refresh the page.
  • Accepting a pay period means the client will not be able to un-Finalize that pay period.
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