Finalizing Pay Periods / Accepting Pay Periods

Finalizing and Accepting pay periods provides a method for preserving time card and accrual data. It does this by prohibiting:
  • edits to the time card
  • manual adjustments to accruals through the Adjust Accrual Balances tool
  • changes to the time card through scripting
  • changes to the time card through processing rule changes
  • changes to the accruals through scripting
If the pay period is unfinalized, any of the above items will affect the time cards and accruals.

Only the Client Level and Accountant Level users have access to the Finalize Pay Periods tool. Supervisor's cannot Finalize.

Changes to Finalization Process - Spring 2018

SwipeClock now automates the Time Card Finalization process to improve efficiency in the product. More information on that change can be found in the article titled Changes to the Finalization Process.

Finalizing Pay Periods

Finalizing is either done by the Client Level user, or automatically by the system. If the client fails to finalize, any pay period older than two prior pay periods, will be finalized.

Accountant Level users can also finalize the pay periods on behalf of their client. Instructions on how to do so can be found in our end-user KB article titled How To: Finalize and Unfinalize Time Cards.

When a new account is created in TimeWorksPlus, the system will automatically finalize two pay periods prior to the activation date or at the earliest recorded punch, whichever is older.

Accepting Pay Periods

Accepting a pay period is done after a pay period is Finalized. It is how a SwipeClock Accountant Level user (a partner) can prevent their client from un-finalizing after payroll has been submitted. It is done on the same page as the Finalizing process. As of April 2018, accepting pay periods is not done automatically, you as a partner, can leave pay periods un-accepted and the system will leave them as un-accpeted.

Once a pay period has been completed (all punch data is deemed accurate) and the pay period has been finalized, follow these steps to manually Accept the pay period:
  1. Click the Maintenance Menu and select Finalize Pay Period.

    Finalizing and Accepting is found under the Maintenance Menu
  2. Select the Accept tab. Any unaccepted pay periods will be listed with radio buttons to the left of the pay period dates. 

    Accountant Level users (SwipeClock partners) have access to the Accept tab on the Finalization page
  3. Choose a pay period with the radio buttons and click Accept.

NOTE: Accepting Multiple Pay Periods

You can accept more than one pay period at a time. For example, if both your prior pay period and pay period before that are unaccepting, accepting the prior pay period will also accept any pay periods preceding it.

Unfinalizing Pay Periods

It may be necessary to unfinalize a pay period on occasion for some of the following reasons: to make a change to a time card or time off request, adjust accrual balances or, retro-actively apply a rule change. If you have already accepted the pay period, then you will need to unaccept for your client.

To Unfinalize for your client, you can use the Unfinalize tab to re-open up to 1 year of prior time cards. Your client, however, is only able to unfinalize up to 6 months of time cards. 

Just be aware, unfinalizing not only allows you to edit the time cards, but it also exposes the time cards to any rule changes that may have been instituted since they were originally finalized.

Unfinalized pay periods will remain unfinalized for 24 to 72 hours and be automatically re-finalized during the overnight hours, generally 6pm to 6am Mountain.

Follow these steps to unfinalize:
  1. Choose the Unfinalize tab from the Finalize Pay Period page and select a pay period.

    The Unfinalization page
  2. Click Unfinalize and confirm the action on the resulting pop-up. The pay period(s) will remain unfinalized through the end of the day.

    Because of the potential for data being changed, you will be asked to confirm that you want to unfinalize.

NOTE: Unifinalizing Multiple Pay Periods

We have changed the process so that now, a user can unfinalize multiple pay periods at one time. To do this, choose the oldest pay period that you want unfinalized and all periods following it will also be unfinalized. Unfinalizing is limited to 1 year. Anything older than that cannot be unfinalized.

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