Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service is a TimeWorksPlus feature that allows you to customize an employee facing portal into the timekeeping system. It can allow them to view their time card, request time off and access other aspects of the timekeeping system. This article outlines how to set it up.


Employee Self Service is setup by selecting your client then going to the Accountant Menu > Client Configuration and then selecting the ESS tab. It allows for employee facing features that can be turned on/off. They include:
  • Web Clock
  • Time Card
  • Schedule
  • Request Time Off
  • Accruals Report
  • Personal Info


It also allows features involving Punch Notes such as the ability to:
  • Hide Notes (from Employees)
  • View Notes (by employees)
  • View And Edit Notes (is allowed by employees)
ESS also offers the feature to allow employees to edit their own time cards without supervision by checking the "Employees Can Edit their Own Time Cards" box.
It also offers the feature for employees to view Unrounded Times through an Unrounded Times button in the Employee Self Service Time Card, if Unrounded Times are used. 

It also mentions under the "Time Off Categories" section of the page AND has a link to the "Punch Categories Rule" Processing Rule where you can configure categories that are Time Off enabled.

It also directs you to the "Employee Time Off Visibility" calendar which gives you the ability to enable/disable employees from viewing time off requests within their department. 

ESS Portal Training Video

The Employee Self Service(ESS)Portal training video will demonstrate all of the tools available in the ESS Portal. We suggest sharing this video with your clients by simply copying the link into an email.

Employee Cannot Use Certain Features in ESS

Sometimes there is a case where even though features are enabled for ESS, like the following:
  • The "Employees Can Edit their Own Time Cards" feature is enabled
  • Processing Rule "TimeCardApprovals" enabled at the Employee Level
it will not show/allow for these features on the time card when the employee accesses ESS.

This is usually due to an authentication issue with the Employees password. To fix this:
  1. Have the employee within ESS go to the "Personal Information" link and reset their password. It can even be reset to the one they are currently using if they choose.
  2. Next have them log out then back in using the new password and the features will now be present.

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