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Z Clock Dimensions

This lists the dimensions+ of each of our Z-Clocks (Z11, Z12, Z18, Z23/33 and Z24/34):

L = Length
W = Width
D = Depth


L: 5.25 in
W: 7.25 in
D: 2.25 in


L: 5.75 in
W: 6.75 in
D: 2 in 


L: 5.75 in
W: 4 in
D: 1.75 in


L: 7.25 in
W: 8.75 in
D: 2.25 in


L: 5.75 in
W: 8 in
D: 2.25 in

+ Dimensions are rounded UP to the nearest .25 inches.

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