FAQ: Does SwipeClock provide certified payroll?

Question: Does SwipeClock do Certified Payroll? 

Answer: No, SwipeClock provides the time and attendance portion needed for Certified Payroll. Certified payroll requires other information that SwipeClock does not have access to such as: Cost of Employee Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Federal, and State Tax. 

What is Certified Payroll?
"Certified payroll is a process of recording wages and benefits paid to an employee working on a government-funded job. Common in the construction industry, certified payroll ensures set wages are paid in accordance to contract documents."(http://www.ehow.com/about_5452416_certified-payroll.html)

SwipeClock can provide the following data required for certified payroll:
1. Employees Name(Also in payroll software)
2. Employee ID(Also in payroll software)
3. Job classification(as setup by payroll provider)
4. Hours worked per day
5. Total hours worked for pay period
6. Overtime hours(calculation specified by payroll provider) 
7. Payrate(if set up by payroll provider - this may also be in payroll software)

Once the time and attendance information has been loaded into the payroll software, certified payroll can be run on the payroll platform.

Swipeclock periodically goes through a rigorous SAS70 II audit and is an independent 3rd party specializing in the collection and storing of time card infomation and would be happy to provide support to the payroll professional if there were an audit.

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