Custom File Formats

Custom formats can be created to export data, in a specific format, to your payroll software.

We have a large variety of formats compatible with many different payroll software brands. We can also create a custom format, for a fee, to export your time keeping data. Fees run between $150-$300. 

If you have already purchased a custom format and need changes made to it (not create a new one based on the original) we usually do simple changes for free. 

If you want to inquire about a custom file format, submit a support ticket and we can get you in contact with one of our programmers to see if this would be possible. 

Also we would need a spec sheet regarding how you want the data exported. Attached is an example.

We can also create a custom report for you which is anywhere from $300-$500.


Spec_Sheet.doc Spec_Sheet.doc

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