FAQ: How Do I Delete a Fingerprint off a Clock?

You can delete finger prints from the finger print reader's memory knowing only the employee ID number, or by touching the live finger manually to the sensor. The delete option is especially useful and important if the same finger has been enrolled with more than one code, as the reader will have troubles identifying the correct code when used in fully-automatic mode until you delete all but one of the copies of the finger. 

To delete finger prints, access the PrintReader Manager Menu which can be accessed by pressing 3 at the date/time screen then entering the managers PIN or print (or the default password for the Manager Menu is 1234 if it wasn't changed), then press 2 from the finger print manager menu. 

When you delete a finger print, you'll be given the option to delete the finger print from the server, or on this clock only. If you select delete from server, a message will be transmitted to the server instructing it to delete the print from its database, and that message will be relayed to all your other clocks, which will also delete that same print automatically. Of course, the print is also deleted from "this clock" immediately. 

If you select "this clock" only, the finger print will only be deleted locally, and will remain on the server and on other clocks (unless you delete it manually there as well). 

If you delete a finger print from "this clock only" and want to retrieve it back from the server, you have two options: re-enroll the finger, or do a "full download" (option 5 from the finger print menu).

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