Duplicate Serial Number

In some instances, we have seen clocks in the field with duplicated serial numbers, which produces errors suggesting that the serial number is "already in use". The workaround is easy - make up a new number.

Sometimes, professional refurbishers of clocks assign new serial numbers to the 330/380 clocks, and because the serial number isn't actually on the circuit board anywhere, there is no method of collision prevention. This can result in the presence of more than one physical clock in the field showing the same serial number.

Fortunately, the fact that the clock doesn't actually "know" its own serial number (it exists on the sticker and nowhere else) makes the solution simple. If you make up a new 9-digit number it will work.

If you make up a serial number, we recommend substituting "311" for the first three digits. The goal here is to use something with a degree of randomness - such as the client's 10-digit phone number with one digit of your choice removed. If you make up a number that has any sort of pattern, you risk colliding with someone else who did the same thing. (Lots of active clocks have numbers starting with "999" or "1234", you don't want to be one of them).

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