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Holiday Rule - TWP

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 12:49PM MST
The Holiday Rule allows the system to automatically add holiday hours to selected employee’s time card based on the holidays selected in the Holidays processing rule. The HolidayRule is found in the Settings Menu > Processing Rules > Automatic holiday hours calculator category.


  1. Click on the HolidayRule link found in the Search Results section.
  2. Use the Employee Selector to choose a group of employees to which this will apply*. The selector will only filter based on information in Employee Setup. If you need to apply hours based on days of service, please see Holiday Scripting.
  3. Enter the number of holiday hours. There can only be one value, however, if you need to apply a different amount of hours to a different group of employees, it may be possible through scripting. In that case, you would set the rule to apply to All Active Employees and then use a script to adjust the hours. More on that can be found in Holiday Scripting.
  4. “Save” to activate this rule.

*If you use Specific Employees through the employee selector, you will need to remember to manually add new employees, or remove an inactive employee’s name from the list of “Specific Employees.” 
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