Pay Rates

The PayRates Processing Rule allows one to add one or more pay rate Fields in Employee Setup (by default there is usually only one), allow for manual edits to the default rate (PayRate Override) on the time card, allow employees to see wages and allow for pay rates to either be present or blocked in you export file (Download Activity Report).

To access this feature go to:
  1. Settings Menu > Processing Rules.
  2. Once there press the "Search" button.
  3. Next look for the "PayRates" Processing Rule.
Once there you will be presented a page with four fields where you can enter options as outlined below:
  • By default, only a single pay rate field (PayRate0) will be added to employee setup. But if you enter a number between 1 and 9, additional numbered payrate fields will be added. These can be used for scripting.
  • Is the pay rate editable on the time card? If not, leave this blank. If yes, enter the permission name required to edit the pay rate, or one of the following built-in ones: #CLIENT (allows editing by employer but not by supervisor level accounts), or #SUPERVISOR (allows editing by all employer accounts, including supervisors). NOTE: This also enables supervisors to edit an employee's payrate(s) within the employee setup screen.
  • If left blank, pay rates will be visible by client accounts and supervisor accounts with the "Can See Wages" option checked. To give employees permission to see their own pay rates, but not all supervisors, enter 1 in this box.To give employees and all supervisors the permission to see the pay rate, enter #EMPLOYEE in this box.
  • The system will automatically decide whether to send pay rate information based on whether this rule is added to the account. But you can enter X to force pay rates NEVER to be sent, even if this rule is active.

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