FAQ: Can I Reuse a Swipe or Prox Card?

Technically yes, although it is highly recommended that you avoid doing this if possible. If your client insists on recycling cards, you should wait an extended period of time before re-issuing the card. The reason for this is to avoid punches being assigned to the wrong time card. Waiting for 4 payrolls to pass is a minimum suggested interval.

To re-use the card number: 
  1. Make sure there is no activity on the card. Do not deactivate or re-use a card until you are sure that all clocks have transmitted any punches for the former employee.
  2. Go to the Employee Setup screen in the client's account and select the former employee.
  3. Remove the card number listed in the old employee's record in Employee Setup:
    • In TimeWorks, backspace / delete the card number and then press the "Save" button
    • In TimeWorksPlus, click the Edit button in the Card Numbers / Logins section of the employee record and click the Delete Existing Numbers link. This will create a Delete option next to every login/card number. Save the changes.
  4. Go to the new employee record that will be using the card (or create it if it doesn't exist by clicking Add New on the Employee Setup screen) and add the card number.
Once completed records belonging to the old employee will still belong to that employee, and any new swipes received by the system will be assigned to the new employee.

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