FAQ: How Can I View What Number is on a Card?

Magnetic Swipe Cards

Tranz330 and 380 Clocks
A special diagnostic mode is available on the SwipeClock Tranz 330 and Tranz 380. To access the diagnostic feature hold down [*] and [3] at the same time. The screen will display "diagnostics". Press [4], and it will say "swipe card now." Swiping cards through the reader will display the numbers read from the stripe.

Keep in mind that the clock will display the normally unseen prefix of "9622", in addition to the 8-digit card number. The "^/" symbol separates the two tracks.

Note: the [*] and [#] keys can be used to scroll the information on the screen.

Z Clocks (Excluding Vx Clocks)

On the Z clocks, the card number can be viewed by pressing "0" and scanning the card.

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