FAQ: My Client Just Migrated to TWP and the Export is Not Working Correctly.

From time to time once a client is upgraded to Plus they have reported running into issues with importing their exported time keeping into their payroll software. To troubleshoot this you may have to check a few areas in Plus to ensure everything is correctly configured:

File Format Maintenance

Go to the Accountant Menu > File Format Maintenance (Mapping Rule) and verify that:

  • Clock prompt mapping is correct so any labor mapping as well numeric properties on a time card like tips, export correctly
  • This will also allow you to pull in required information for your format out of Employee Setup like information on their Department or Location.

Punch Categories

In the Settings Menu > Processing Rules > PunchCategories, it is always a good idea to review this page for any errors on this page if you run into problems exporting the correct information.

Pay Code Translation

Go to Settings Menu > Processing Rules > PayCodeTranslation. If your payroll needs categories exported to earning codes this would be the place one would enter in this information. Please consult the "INSTRUCTIONS" section of this page for more information.

If all of this still looks correct and you are still running into issues you may want to first consult with your payroll vendor as they will be able to tell you what the issue would be with importing into their software. If they refer you back to us please get the details from them as far as what they need us to do to address this.

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