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In TimeWorksPlus, additional Pay Categories (or Punch categories) can be added to a client's account. This article contains information about adding and configuring the categories as well as creating the Pay Code Translation.

If you are looking for instructions on how to do this in TimeWorks, please see Adding / Removing Pay Categories- TimeWorks.

By default, the time card edit screen includes Regular/OT, Sick, Vacation, Holiday, Personal, Misc, Bonus and Commission.

Regular and Overtime cannot be removed from the system as it is hard coded into every time card.

Add Categories:

  1. Go to the Accountant Menu and select Processing Rules from the Settings For the Currently Selected Client section.
  2. Click the Processing category radio button.
  3. Select PunchCategories from the list of results.
  4. If you are adding new categories, enter the category in the blank row at the bottom of the list. Configure the category as desired (see Category Settings below) . Be sure to save your changes.

Remove Categories

If you need to REMOVE a category, simply delete the Category name and save the changes.

Category Settings

Here is a description of the Punch Categories settings.
  • Remove Default: If you plan on using client specific codes and you do not want to use the ones set by default, check the "Remove Default" box. This will remove all default categories except Regular/OT. Regular and Overtime cannot be removed from the system as it is hard coded into every time card.
  • Category Name: The name of your category.
  • Long Category Name (optional): Allows one to enter in a longer more descriptive category name. This will only reside on this page for informational purposes and does NOT interact in anyway with the rest of TimeWorksPlus.
  • Unpaid Name (optional): Allows one to create an "Unpaid" category name and when selected allows one to add hours that will be unpaid/not to be exported, but will still be present on an Employee Time Card. This will only be functional if there is ALSO an "unpay" type script created for the category.
  • Overtime Eligible: Offers the option of the category to contribute towards overtime or not. IMPORTANT: The Indirect option on this setting does not work. Please see Scripting Indirect Overtime if you need the category to indirectly contribute towards overtime.
  • OT 1 Name: If "Overtime Eligible" is enabled this field will allow a custom category name for OT. If left blank this field will default to "Overtime".
  • OT 2 Name: If "Overtime Eligible" is enabled this field will allow a custom category name for Doubletime. If left blank this field will default to "Doubletime".
  • Time Off Requestable: Means the category can be used by an employee to request time off in the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal.
  • Hour Collection: Offers the below options: 
    • In/Out - This category only allows IN and OUT times for the punch.
    • Hours - This category only allows for "hours only" type punches. An example would be "Sick" or "Vacation"
    • Both - Allows both the Hours and Punch options for the punch.
  • Amount Collection: Allows for pay categories to be collected as an amount other than Hours or Times by selecting Pay.
  • User Selectable: Allows the category to be selectable from the time card when editing or manually adding a punch.

Pay Code Translation

The Pay Code Translation will change the PunchCategories into a name/id that can be recognized by your payroll software.

To access this translation table, from the Accountant Menu, click Processing Rules under the Settings for Currently Selected Client. 

Choose the Processing category button and select PayCodeTranslation from the results.

The PayCodeTranslation rule will be a box where you enter the name of the category followed by it's payroll equivalent name, in this manner:

This allows for the Punch Category "Regular" to get exported to payroll as earning code 01. The payroll software should provide you with this information.

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