FAQ: Can the Time Card Show Totals in Hours and Minutes?

Since payroll software computes wages based on decimal hours (not hours and minutes), our time cards, by default, show the daily, weekly and pay period totals in decimal format as well.

You can choose to switch the totals to hh:mm format by using Minute Rounding. Information on that feature can be found in Minute Rounding - TWP or Minute Rounding - TW.

The way the time card converts to decimal is to divide the number of minutes by 60 then add that decimal number to the hours. For example, we will convert 2:50 in to its decimal equivalent:

50 / 60 = .833333....
2 + .83 = 2.83
2:50 = 2.83

There is also an attached conversion sheet you can reference.


At this time the only reports that will display hours and minutes are the ones below:

1. Detail Report
2. Labor Code Reporting
3. Summary Report


Time_Conversion_Table.xls Time_Conversion_Table.xls

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