FAQ: How Can I Change Clocks for a Client Without Incurring an Activation Fee?

If you are simply changing clocks for a client, as opposed to adding a clock to an account, you will want to do this through a Serial Number Change to avoid additional clock activation charges. Using this option prevents you from getting billed any activation fees when all you're doing is replacing a clock. 

IMPORTANT: Before you do the serial number change, you MUST transmit all punches out of the clock's memory (if possible), otherwise you will not be able to transmit them to the server. 
  1. First select the client you are working with in your client list.
  2. In TimeWorks, click on Administration in your Main Menu. In TimeWorksPlus, click Settings Menu.
  3. Select Clock Status and it will give you a list of the clocks assigned to the client.
  4. Click on the serial number you are wanting to change, this will bring you to a page called Clock Detail
  5. The first line on this page is the Serial Number and the word "Change" next to it, click "Change".
  6. This page will allow you to enter the old serial number, the new serial#, and to download the onboard software into the new clock terminal,if needed.
When you do a Serial Number Change, the old clock is instantly deactivated (it can no longer transmit), and the new one becomes active in its place.

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