Switching Clients from One SwipeClock Partner to Another

A Client Switch is the act of moving a client from one SwipeClock Reseller to another. Attached to this article are FAQ and explanatory documents you can download for reference.

What Does a Client Switch Include?

The switch includes moving:
  • Employee information to include Historical (punch) Data
  • User Logins and Passwords
  • Any Scripts currently in place for the client 
  • Any Clocks assigned previous to the move that are the sole property of the client (not leased by, and, or owned by the previous Reseller)

Procedures for a Client Switch

The receiving Reseller of the client must submit a support case to SwipeClock Technical Support through Support Center. The submitted case must include the client name as it appears in our system. We will then send you the most recent forms and information regarding the client switch process.

IMPORTANT: The client switch process also requires written consent of the previous Reseller. SwipeClock will contact the current Reseller for approval after the forms are fully completed and returned.

Once the Reseller and client have completed the forms, you will need to update the support ticket with those forms, or you can also fax it to 801-617-1235, but this may delay the process.

If a client (end user) contacts SwipeClock requesting a switch, SwipeClock’s policy is to refer the client back to their current Reseller. 

Client Switch Charges

The Reseller receiving the client is responsible for the Client Switch charges. The charge for the Client Switch is $100 which includes one physical clock or WebClock. Accounts with more than one physical clock will be charged $125.

Switching Clocks

Clocks to be switched must remain active. Please DO NOT de-activate any clock associated with the switch.

What If the Current Reseller Doesn't Approve the Switch?

In the event the client switch is not approved by the clients current Reseller, SwipeClock will NOT perform the Client Switch.

In which case the client will need to be set up by the receiving Reseller as a new client with all applicable activation fees. The transition of data would then need to be facilitated by reports the client should have access to on the old account. If the client would like SwipeClock to move historical (punch) data to the new account, we will charge $150 to copy and import the RAW punch data to the new account. Data as posted on time cards may be different due to scripting and rules on the original account. This would require a written request to the receiving Reseller from the client on client’s company letterhead. The request would then need to be forwarded to SwipeClock. The receiving Reseller will be charged for the transfer of data and not the client. 


Client_Switch_FAQ.pdf Client_Switch_FAQ.pdf
SwipeClock_Client_Transfer_Process.pdf SwipeClock_Client_Transfer_Process.pdf

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