FAQ: Can We Promote Other Categories to Overtime?

Suppose your client has a pay category called "Shift 2". Is there any way to have these hours calculate with their "Regular" hours towards promoting to overtime?

Yes, in TimeWorks, from the Accountant Menu go to the Custom Processing / Rounding Rules link. Find your client from the list and click on the link at the very right under the column listed as OT Categories. You can then add "Shift 2" under the "Pay Category (Required)" section and add Overtime in the "Pay Category when promoted to Overtime (optional)" field next to it. 

In TimeWorksPlus, go to the Punch Categories rule in the Processing Rules page and set the Overtime Eligible to Yes.

Once done it should calculate with the regular hours towards OT.

This can also be done if vacation or holiday hours need to be included for overtime promotion. See the following Knowledge Base Articles, TimeWorks Overtime Categories and TimeWorksPlus Overtime Categories for more details.

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