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By default in TimeWorks, Regular is the only pay category that promotes to overtime. However, if you need to add additional pay categories to this rule, this can be done by going to:

Accountant Menu > Custom Processing / Rounding Rules > OT CATEGORIES (PROMOTE TO OT) screen. Click either the none link or, if there are already categories setup in this rule, click the listed categories.

From there you will need to do the following:
  1. Add Vacation, Holiday or any other optional category under the "Pay Category (Required)" column.
  2. Under "Pay Category when promoted to Overtime (optional)" you have the following options depending on your client's overtime policy.
To illustrate how each option works, consider the following situation. An employee works 34 hours during the week, then uses 8 hours of Sick time on the last day of the week. Sick does contribute towards overtime and the weekly threshold is 40 hours.

Leaving the field blank will result in hours worked in the new category being identified as Overtime in the instance that an employee reaches the overtime threshold.

Example: If Sick contributes towards overtime and an employee uses 8 hours of Sick on the last day of the work week after working 34 hours, their time card would reflect:
34 Regular
6 Sick
2 Overtime

*Entering Overtime in this field will result in the category indirectly contributing towards overtime. The system will count the hours towards Overtime limits, BUT will not actually promote the hours for that category. Instead, it will promote Regular time somewhere else in the work week to make up for it. *not recommended for semimonthly pay cycles. 

In this instance, using the previous example, the employee's time card totals would show:
32 Regular
8 Sick
2 Overtime

The last option is to create a separate overtime promotion category for each individual item. For example you can promote "Sick" to "Sick Overtime" instead of the default "Overtime". In that case, you would enter the new category name in this column.

Using our prior examples again, the employee's time card totals would reflect:
34 Regular
6 Sick
2 Sick Overtime

You can also under the Pay Category when promoted to Doubletime (optional) heading promote categories to "Doubletime" or a distinct double time category like "Vacation Doubletime". The entry in this column follows the same logic as the Overtime column.

Note: If you promote an optional category to the defaut "Overtime" category the system will always try to promote "Regular" hours. If there are no instances of Regular hours that should calculate to overtime may go missing. TO combat this ensure to promote your optional category to a different overtime category (other than Overtime). For example promote "Vacation" to "Vacation OT".

*Overtime Hours Promoting in the Wrong Place

If you are using alternate pay categories that promote to the default 'Overtime' category, the system will always try to first promote the hours that were actually worked in the 'Regular' category. 

Here is a way to see how it could be displayed differently: 
  1. Under the Accountant Menu > Custom Processing / Rounding Rules go to the OT Categories area and under 'Pay Category (Required)' heading enter the alternate pay category (if it isn't there already).
  2. Next in the column with the heading 'Pay Category when promoted to Overtime (optional)' enter something other than 'Overtime' (you can change it right back after the test). 
  3. Now go back to the time card where this issue was happening and it should have promoted it to the correct spot and not at the first instance of 'Regular' time.

Note: If you are using splits with your employees for things like displaying different shifts the splits can actually break this process and have it promote the wrong hours to OT.

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