Deactivate a Client

Deactivating a client removes a client from the Client List as well as locking them out of the system. However, you, as an Accountant level login, will still have access to the account.

In TimeWorks, this is done by going to the Accountant Menu > Add/Edit Client Info
In TimeWorksPlus this is found in the Accountant Menu > Client Configuration > Basic Info tab

In the Account Status / Client Status  choose one of the following options
  1. Active
  2. Inactive (deactivated)
  3. Inactive and Hidden- Inactive and Hidden means a deactivated client will no longer appear on your Client List unless you click on the link “Show deleted (Hidden) clients” at the top of the page). 
Additional Best Practices
  • If the deactivated client also has clocks, you will want to deactivate the clocks to keep from incurring charges on the hardware.
  • Remove any Login/Card Number information for the employees. This will lessen the chance that a future account on our system uses the same login/password as these inactive employees.

If it is necessary to reactivate a client, please email Activation fees may apply depending on whether clocks are reactivated and the circumstances. If the client is a seasonal account, please see Deactivating Seasonal Accounts

Deleting Accounts

We generally do not delete accounts because that wipes out all timekeeping records that may be needed at a future date. However, if there is an instance where you need an account deleted from our system, please contact support. We will then send a reply for verification of the request. The verification is needed as once the client is deleted all punch data and all employee history is removed from the system and is UNRECOVERABLE.

This is why deactivation is always our preferred choice as it allows for reactivation and retrieval of client data if need be, but still prevents the client from accessing the system. 

Deactivating Seasonal Accounts

There are two possible routes you may consider in the case of Seasonal Accounts. One is to either leave it active and not use the account itself or inactivate/deactivate the account.

If you decide to leave the account active and just not use the service and if there is no activity shown on the account for the billed month there is a minimum $5 charge instead of the clock and or employee charges.

If you are using an analog clock you might be billed a monthly charge for those services as well.

If you would prefer to deactivate (make inactive) the account for a period of time, for example during the off season, even if you still have employees and clocks attached to the inactive account you will not incur any fees for that client from the time you make them inactive. Please contact your Channel Development Manager for more on this since we will need to make account for waiving the reactivation fees.

When it does come time to reactivate the account, please contact both support and your Channel Development Manager.

Inactive Client Wants Access to Reports

If you have a client that was recently deactivated on SwipeClock and they would like to be able to log in and run reports from the database for a short period of time. If you reactivate the client for this purpose, there would be additional charges for the reactivation as well as the monthly fee if there is any billed activity.

Instead, you might find it better to run the reports for your client yourself. This is because you, as a partner, still have access to the client's account, even though they are locked out.

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