Why is there a difference between the WebClock time and the time on my computer or time card?

Our servers are set to atomic time in tune with the atomic clock located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The server constantly pings the atomic clock daily, so that our service time is as precise as possible.

A user's PC may have time discrepancies over time, as the user's PC's clock is run off of a CMOS battery. The fact that the CMOS may be intermittently losing power, etc could lead to the user's clock to 'lose' time, or maybe the user has set the clock ahead.

This discrepancy between a user's PC time and the atomic clock can result in the punch appearing to be "off". When a user accesses the WebClock from within the ESS or WorkforceHUB, it will check the time on the computer first to determine what time to display on the clock.

The time displayed here is based on the time on the computer being used
Once the employee records their punch, the confirmation message will reflect the actual time based on our server's time. This is important to remember since an employee may question why the time they initially see on the WebClock is different than what appears on their time card.

The time shown on the punch confirmation is the time sent to the time card

The user can download a free utility from http://www.worldtimeserver.com/atomic-clock/ which will sync up the PC's clock with the atomic clock, thus putting the user in accordance with the time(s) that our server uses.

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