FAQ: Can an employee clock into more than one job / department throughout the day?

Yes, the employee can initiate a department change by using the clock. This can be done in two manners.
  1. OutPunchCompletion can be used so that the employee need only clock in to change departments as opposed to clocking out and clocking back in. The time card will see two consecutive IN punches and insert an outpunch in between, immediately preceding the second IN. This of course DOES NOT apply to the End Of Day punch, which would be an OUT punch. In TimeWorks, this option is turned on by selecting OutPunchCompletion in the Miscellaneous Settings for the selected client. In TimeWorksPlus, this feature is turned on in the Settings Menu /  Processing Rules page. Select the Processing category, choose OutPunchCompletion from the results.
  2. Employees can clock IN and OUT as normal with the employee clocking OUT to end a job, and subsequently clock IN again to start his/her new job selecting the new job at the Clock Prompt.
IMPORTANT: In TimeWorks, when OutPunchCompletion is turned on, the Missed Punches row/category becomes useless and is taken from the timecard section.

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