FAQ: Does your service support multiple departments with multiple pay rates?

Yes, this is can be done through add-on scripting and utilizing a clock prompt to allocate the hours to a specific departments / labor segment.

In TimeWorks, Employee Setup supports 4 different pay rate fields: Default Payrate, Alt Pay Rate 1, Alt Pay Rate 2, and Alt Pay Rate 3

In TimeWorksPlus, Employee Setup can have up to 10 different pay rate fields: Default Payrate, Payrate1, Payrate2, etc.

Only the default pay rate will be used automatically, any other pay rate will need to be scripted based on the conditions for its use.

For example, if Rick Jennings has an alternate pay rate when he works in department 20, then a script would be needed to use that pay rate when the department clock prompt equals 20.

More on scripting dealing with pay rates can be found in our Support Center in the article titled Alternate Payrates.

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