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We currently provide a hosted service that allows employees to call in to make punches to their time cards. More on that is included in the attachment below. This article applies only to the Hosted VoiceClock, if you are looking for information on the stand-alone VoiceClock, see VoiceClock.


If you would like to here a demonstration of the service, we currently have a Hosted VoiceClock Demo you can call. 

If you are looking for the standalone VoiceClock demo, see VoiceClock Demo.

Available Phone Numbers:
English: 801-901-8750 
Spanish: 801-901-8760

Company Code: 5422

Available PINs (Feel Free to Choose Any to Demo):

Available Transfer Department (Feel Free to Choose Any of the below to Demo):

Available Transfer Job (Feel Free to Choose Any of the below to Demo):

Currently the call flow would be as follows:
  1. You will be asked to enter in your Company Code (5422). Note: Not all clients will be required to enter in a company code. It is only required for multiple clients sharing the same phone number. Our demo number is also our main SwipeClock generic line and would require the Company Code as we do have multiple clients sharing the same phone number.
  2. You will be asked to enter in your PIN.
  3. Once Successful you will be provided 3 options:
  • 1 to clock IN
  • 2 to Transfer (this option would allow one to clock IN to a certain Department, then to a Job prompt as listed above)
  • 3 to clock OUT

Order Procedures

  1. Contact Support requesting the service via a Support Ticket for a client. Note this service is on a per client basis and must be requested every time a client is interested in having the service.
  2. Support will review to see if the Reseller currently has the Hosted VoiceClock API configured. If they DO NOT we will configure this for them. If they DO go to step 3.
  3. Support will then provide the Device ID, DeviceSecret, (required to be on the form) AND .pdf form they will need to fill out and submit back to us via the Support Ticket. The .pdf form is at the bottom of this article.
  4. Once the form is filled out Support will review the form then submit this request to have the service activated.
  5. Once the form is received and processed there is a 4-6 (business) day wait on when the phone numbers will be created and available.
  6. Once we are notified of the phone number(s) Support will then test the numbers internally before releasing the phone number(s) to the Reseller.

Phone Lines Available

The Hosted VoiceClock only provides the below types of phone lines for our service:

Generic - With the generic you would use the same number in our Hosted VoiceClock Demo
Private - With the private number our vendor would assign an available number. This usually will come with an additional fee and will require you to provide the area code and city.

As far as using one of your existing lines (most commonly local or an 800 toll free line a Reseller may already have available) we do not provide this service.

But with either number we provide (generic or private) you can through your phone provider port/forward your existing or new phone number to the number we will provide. For example:
  1. Our vendor assigns you a phone number for the Hosted VoiceClock (generic or private).
  2. You contact your phone provider to set you up with either a new line or adjust the service on an existing line.
  3. With that you also request calls to that line be auto forwarded to the phone number (private or generic) provided to you from us or our vendor to use the Hosted VoiceClock.

Clock Prompt Setup

Once the VoiceClock has been assigned to a client, setting up the clock prompts can be done by going to Accountant Menu > Assign VoiceClock Prompts. From here you would want to select Add New.

IMPORTANT: Numeric prompts (I, J, K) are currently not supported by the Hosted VoiceClock. Only labor prompts (X, Y, Z) are available. Also, with the exception of Caller ID prompts, the prompt must have a list of valid numeric values for selection. This list is limited to 230 characters, including commas.

In the Assign VoiceClock Prompt screen, you will be then presented with a page with the following options:
  • Time Device - This will show the VoiceClock number assigned to the client.
  • Variable - This drop down allows you to select from three Labor (x,y,z) code prompts.
  • Ask When - This drop down allows you to select if the prompt is to be on either the IN or OUT punch.
  • Prompt Wave - This item does not apply to the Hosted VoiceClock. You will need to contact Support once the clock prompt is setup so we can let the vendor know what vocal prompt to setup for the client. (See Clock Prompts Available below for a list of prompts.) They will also verify that the sync is working and they are receiving a valid prompt list (from step 2) before use.
  • Restriction List - This is akin to the Prompt List box found when creating normal prompts and allows you to set up a pre-approved list of comma separated NUMERIC entries. This list is limited to 230 characters, including commas. If you using the prompt to collect Caller ID information, you do not need to use this box.
  • Min Length AND Max Length - Are the same as "Length Entry" found in the normal prompts were you can designate the minimum and maximum character length allowed for their entry at the prompt.
In conjunction with this you will also want to setup a normal prompt USING THE SAME VARIABLE (i,j,k,x,y,z) as this will allow you to set up your column headings for your prompt.

Clock Prompts Available

A request needs to be put in to Support for clock prompts (transfers) to be added. We will then contact the vendor about the request and what they want the vocal prompt on the clock to state. Below are the available prompts our vendor provides:
  • Account 
  • Activity Code
  • Activity Number
  • Activity Type
  • Building Number
  • Branch Number
  • City
  • City Number
  • Classification
  • Code
  • Client Number
  • Company Number
  • Consumer
  • Cost Center Number
  • County Number
  • Customer Number
  • Department Number
  • Division Number
  • Equipment Code
  • Function
  • Job Number
  • Location Number
  • Patient Number
  • Position Number
  • Product Line Number
  • Program Code
  • Project Number
  • Project Manager
  • Route Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • School Number
  • Shift
  • Site Code
  • Site Number
  • State
  • State Number
  • Tracking Number
  • Travel Code
  • Truck
  • Work Order Number

View Caller ID on Time Card

For this to work you must have Caller ID set up on the line through the phone service you purchased the line from.

To set this up go to Accountant Menu > Add/Edit Punch API or VoiceClock. Then select the Edit link next to the VoiceClock. Once there click on the drop down next to the Caller ID Variable and choose a free Labor Prompt (X,Y,Z) prompt you want to use for this.

The system also offers dual prompts (XY,YZ,ZX) which will generate caller ID information, one for where an IN punch comes from and one for where the preceding OUT punch is from.

For example if you chose the XY the caller ID info for the IN punch would be under the X prompt and the caller ID info on the OUT punch would be under the Y prompt.

As with the other VoiceClock prompts you will also want to setup a normal prompt USING THE SAME VARIABLE (x,y,z) as this will allow you to set up your column headings for your prompt.

Note: There are a few issues that come up form time to time with caller ID that can affect time cards and what the clock will present under the Caller ID prompt:

P - Flags the call as "Private" meaning we could not collect the caller ID information when the call came in.
This could happen when using your cell phone off network or "roaming" in other words, so we could not pull the callers number.

UNKNOWN# - This usually happens when the line they are calling TO (the line or phone number assigned to the VoiceClock) does not have Caller ID service to that line so we cannot collect the phone number coming in. 

Caller ID Restriction

The VoiceClock and Hosted VoiceClock can store a list of valid phone numbers and block access to the service based the caller ID of a user. With a client selected, this can be set up from the Accountant Menu > Add/Edit Punch API or VoiceClock > Edit.

Currently the Caller ID can hold up to 180 numbers. Numbers should be entered without hyphens. For example:


Note: Changes to this field only affect the site/client you set it up on and not all of your clients.

Update Sync Times

Currently any updates that need to be pushed through to the Hosted VoiceClock auto populates once each 24 hour period. Usually, between 2-5AM Pacific time. 

A manual sync may also be done upon request through a Support ticket to us.


HostedVoiceClockDatasheet.pdf HostedVoiceClockDatasheet.pdf
HostedVoiceClockEnrollmentForm.pdf HostedVoiceClockEnrollmentForm.pdf

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