VoiceClock Demo

If you would like to hear an example of the VoiceClock, there is a phone number you can call that provides a sample of the process.

IMPORTANT: This is not for the Hosted VoiceClock, only the stand alone VoiceClock. Please see Hosted VoiceClock demo for that information.

For a demonstration for the physical VoiceClock, phone 1-866-433-8233 and respond to the prompts provided.

When prompted for a USER ID, use one of the following Employee ID entries:

John Doe: 4321
Sally Jones: 2468
Sandy Smith: 1234

Then key in the type of punch you wish to make (see below).

Clocking In
  1. Dial the number and listen to the customizable greeting for instructions 
  2. Enter the USER ID NUMBER then press # (the User ID # is defined in the Employee setup screen) 
  3. Press 1 to clock in 

Clocking Out
  1. To indicate a completed shift, call the number listed above and listen for instructions (NOTE: see below for information about "out punch completion")
  2. Enter the USER ID NUMBER then press # 
  3. Important Notes: 
  4. The Demo has been configured to accept a Department Number and Tips, so that you can hear default prompting: Press 2 to clock out 

When punching in, simply enter any department number (example: 2 then press #) and when punching out enter an amount (dollars and cents) to store for tips (example: 5 = $5.00 then press #)

NOTE that if prompted you MUST enter something in or "0#" (no quotes) to skip the prompt or the call will time out and hang up on you. When prompted please feel free to enter any one digit number for our demo then # or the "0#" to skip the prompt and you should be given a message stating a successful punch with the time stamp of that punch.**

The Timekeeping system can be restricted to only accept calls from predetermined phone numbers or disallow NON CALLER ID numbers as determined by caller ID settings. The demo system has not been configured to take advantage of either of these functions. 

The VoiceClock can also take advantage of "out punch completion". If the flag has been activated in the miscellaneous menu, all that is necessary is for employees to clock "IN" at each location and then "OUT" for the day (assuming drive time is paid part of the work day). Should they forget to clock out, or out punch completion is not turned on – "missing punches" will show on the reports 

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