Skipping Clock Prompts on VoiceClock

Currently the VoiceClock and Hosted VoiceClock do not allow one to skip prompts when clocking in or out. However, if certain clock prompts are optional, you can write a script that will take a specific entry by an employee and change it to a blank, or NULL, value on the time card. This will allow the employee to enter a "dummy" value on the prompt and then have that value wiped out on the time card.

For the following examples, we will be using the following values:

x = clock prompt field name In TimeWorks, this could be x, y or z, but in TimeWorksPlus, this would be the more descriptive Field Name, like JobCode

0 = dummy value entered by the employee This value resolves to a NULL (blank) value through our script. Keep in mind, a pound sign (#) is required for the clock to recognize the digits entered before this so at the clock they would enter "0#" (no quotes) when prompted for either a department job or location or whatever .wav prompt you have used for your x prompt.

Below is the script

if (x = "0")
x = "";

So with this if the system sees a "0" come across in a punch it will know to leave that entry blank and it will not show on the time card. 

It's important to remember are that you need to use a value that isn't already being used by the client as a clock prompt entry on this clock prompt, not only on the VoiceClock, but also if the prompt is being used on the Web Clock or a physical time device. This means that if employees are entering "0" for the x prompt on the web clock, this script will also change their prompt entry to NULL. 

Also if you have multiple prompts, a separate script will be needed for those as well. If you wanted to repeat this process for the y and Z prompts, you would add:

if (z = "0")
z = "";

if (y = "0")
y = "";

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