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HandPunch Add On


If your client has an existing HandPunch clock, it is possible for that clock to be used with our system.
It must be connected to a “host” time clock such as the Z14, Z11, or Z18. The Z18 may be the best choice, because it has a "through-the-wall" wiring option and a convenient “screw-in” type wire connector.

It is worth mentioning that in some facilities that have more than one HandPunch, they may be set up so that each HandPunch is connected to one central host computer. With our system, each HandPunch must be connected to its own host clock. With our system, the HandPunch can support 2000 enrolled users, even if the HandPunch itself can only support 25 users. Another great feature of our system is that the enrolled employees' templates will pass to other units, if the client has multiple devices. As a backup, the templates are also stored on our database. However, you will need to re-enroll employees on the clock after the installation is complete, We cannot use the existing hand prints with our system.

When a HandPunch device is used with one of our host clocks, the clock will handle nearly all interaction with the user; this includes initiating and deleting enrollments. To be clear, the user will NOT need to press any buttons on the HandPunch keypad when punching IN/OUT or enrolling users.

The user will need to watch the HandPunch after the clock has initiated a hand scan, as the HandPunch will help guide the user when placing their hand on the sensor area. The HandPunch will also indicate when to place and remove the hand during an enrollment. 

One other thing to note is that the clock will require the HandPunch to be set to unit 1 and RS232 9600 baud. This is necessary for the clock to be able to communicate with the HandPunch unit. These settings are the default for all HandPunch models, so most likely nothing will need to be done. If needed, consult the HandPunch user guide on how to change these settings.

Connecting the HandPunch to a Host Clock

IMPORTANT: If you are setting up a HandPunch E Series clock, which connects through the Ethernet, please see HandPunch E Setup later in this article.

The clock will communicate to the HandPunch through a RS232 serial connection. This connection requires three wires: RX, TX, and Signal GND. Some HandPunch units may have a wire diagram label on the back, if so find the RS232 wire connector and wire matching the name in parentheses below. Otherwise, there will be a 3 PIN connector on the opposite side of the power connector; the wires will be connected as follows:

Z14 HandPunch RS232
SGND ----------> RS232 #1 (GND)
TXD ----------> RS232 #2 (RX)
RXD ----------> RS232 #3 (TX)

Z18 8-pin connector HandPunch RS232
GND ----------> #1 (GND)
TXD ----------> #2 (RX)
RXD ----------> #3 (TX)

A standard DB9 serial cable can be modified to connect a HandPunch to a Z11. One end of the serial cable will need to be a DB9 connector and the other end will be bare wires. Keep in mind that The HandPunch is designed for in-wall wiring, while the Z11 is not. The Z11's DB9 connector is on the bottom of the clock, so the cable will need to be routed from behind the HandPunch to on the outside of the wall for the Z11 connection. 

The following diagram is for using a female DB9 connector with a male to male null modem adapter (we can provide this adapter, if needed):
DB9 con HandPunch RS232
PIN #5 ----------> #1 (GND)
PIN #3 ----------> #2 (RX)
PIN #2 ----------> #3 (TX)

Activating the HandPunch Feature on the Clock

The following instructions will activate the HandPunch feature of the clock:
  1. Press * (or Menu twice if your clock has that button)
  2. Type 4263
  3. Press OK or Enter
It should take several seconds to complete the process. The clock and HandPunch will both display a message when it is finished.

Hand Enrollment Menu

To access the Enrollment Menu:
  1. Press 3
  2. Type the default master password of 1234
  3. Press OK

The Enrollment Menu contains the following options:
  • Enroll Hand – gets a user’s PIN number and then initiates an enrollment
  • Delete Hand – deletes a user’s enrollment by PIN number
  • Set Manager Hand - allows manager to give other enrolled employees access to the Enrollment menu, either with full rights or limited to enrolling only.
  • Set Manager Password – changes the master manager password
  • Download Mode – changes how the clock downloads hand templates or does a complete erase and re-download of templates. See Fingerprint Management in the article Biometric Clocks for more information.
  • Sensitivity – Does not apply to HandPunch
  • Test – must first enter PIN, because the HandPunch does not have an “Identify” mode.

HandPunch E Setup

This applies to HandPunch E Series clocks. These clocks to not connect directly to the host clock but instead, connect to the client's network and transmit their punches to our clock via the network.

Before Setup
Be sure the Z14 is up to date. The software version (S/W Ver) you want is 757.2.202. This can be check by pressing the * key on the clock from the time and date screen. If this device does not have 757.2.202, the following will instruct you how to update the device via Ethernet:
  1. First ensuring that the clock will not be touched during this process as it can take up to 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Press 9 to start a manual transmit, then immediately press 1 to clock IN.
  3. Enter 873283757 (which spells "update757") then the Enter key (or the OK key) to save a punch. If you have any prompts configured, just provide any answer that gets you past the prompt. The clock should say Clock In Successful.
  4. Then press the 9 key to transmit.
  5. Be sure to set the HPE up with a static IP address. We will need to know this to connect the Z Clock with it. 

Both devices should be hooked up to the network through a switch just as if they were each their own stand alone device (no cables/wires will actually go from the Z clock to the HPE, All connections are through network).

How to set IP on HPE

  1. Press CLEAR and ENTER simultaneously, it will ask for password
  2. Press 2 for Setup Menu
  3. Once in the menu, use # and * to navigate the menus
  4. Search for Set Address or Set Serial. Here is where you can set the Static IP Address

Note: there is no key for the period (.) so you have to enter the full three digits for each section of the IP Address. For example, would be typed in by entering 010 001 015 100

Activating the HandPunch feature on the clock

The following instructions will activate the HandPunch feature of the clock:

  1. Press * (or Menu twice, if your clock has that button)
  2. Type 4263
  3. Press OK (or Enter)
  4. Press 1 (for Ethernet option)
  5. Type the static IP address of the HPE

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