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HandKey II / Z18 Add On

Please note, our ability to provide support during the actual process of connecting a HandKey II to a Z18, is somewhat limited. We advise those who plan on configuring our clock with a HandKey II to seek the assistance of an professional installer. There is a detailed Z18 Installation Guide that can be found in the following knowledge base article: Z18 Installation Guide. Please feel free to provide this guide to the installer.

The HandKey II hand geometry scanner from Ingersoll Rand (also branded as Schlage) can be set to imitate a prox card reader. One of our clocks, the Z18, can be hooked up to an external prox card reader. If you hook up a HandKey II, it knows no different and it works flawlessly.

The HandKey sends out a "swipe" over the wire (including the person's 4-digit PIN) whenever it successfully reads someone's hand. We see it as a card swipe, so if you set the clock to always require swipes, everyone is forced to use the hand scanner. (We have a new menu that exempts individual PINs if needed).

If there were any drawbacks, it's that you have to have both the Z18 and HandKey on the wall side by side, and the enrollments don't automatically pass from unit to unit. otherwise, it works perfectly. 

Also, even though they look the same, the similar product known as "HandPunch" cannot emulate a prox card reader and thus cannot be used the same way. 

Please be advised we still have to go over the specifics as far as making this work with the Z18 as it is one of our more complex clocks and is why we recommend a professional installer to install these clocks. More details on the process will be forth coming in the near future.

Also understand that this is for only a very specific hand scanner (HandKey II hand geometry scanner from Ingersoll Rand (also branded as Schlage)) ONLY and we currently have no plans to sell the scanner itself just that there is a interface for this scanner to work with the Z18 clock.

Lastly there was mention this only worked on the right hand but this can work on the left hand also. They would just need to place the left hand on the scanner palm facing up when registering and when making a punch.

Installation with Z18

In our experience, the Z18 can be connected to the Handkey II as follows:

Z18 INWD0 ---> HandKey #6 (Bell/Data/D0)
Z18 INWD1 ---> HandKey #5 (Lock/Clock/D1)
Z18 GND ---> HandKey #4 (Ground)

In addition to the Wiegand wiring connection the HandKey II must be in "Card Reader Emulation Mode" to work with our Z18. To do this:
  1. Press the Clear and Enter keys (I found that pressing them at the same time did nothing on my unit, I just pressed them one at a time. Maybe that part is different for you.)
  2. Enter the ID you set up and press Enter
  3. Enter the password for the "Setup Menu" (2 by default) and then press Enter
  4. Press * to scroll through the options. Stop when you see SET OUTPUT MODE
  5. Press #, for YES, to change output mode
  6. Scroll through the options, until you see FOR CARD RDR OUT, and then press #
  7. Done, now press Clear to go back to the main menu.

Once this is done you will need to make sure that the Z18 is in "Wiegand" mode, as well. To do this:
  1. Press Menu twice to get to the system information screen
  2. Type 9434263 and then press OK
  3. Press 5 then 1 to set the Z18 to set the Z18 to the generic 26 bit preset
  4. Press x to exit back out the clock's main screen
From here you can put the clock in test mode by pressing 0 and then do a test scan on the handkey.

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