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Incorrect Power Adapter/Cord/Cable

Beyond the usual things like the power adapter/cord being bad or the outlet the clock is plugged into being bad one of the other issues that can occur especially as clients are transitioning to a more featured clock say from a Verifone Tranz 330/380 to our Z-Clocks is that they mistakenly use the adapter off of the old Tranz clock with a newer one. In doing so power issues may arise and cause the clock to not function properly to include:

- The clock powers up and the screen turns (or comes) on then turns off and the clock then shuts down (off).
- The clock can sometimes make strange flickering sounds.

There is also the possibility that an incorrect power adapter could do damage to the clock.

With this it is always a good thing to remember to use the supplied power adapter/cord that comes with the clock unless you are replacing a same model clock.

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