Biometric Clocks - Enrolling Prints

The following article pertains to our Ethernet based biometric clocks. It includes the following topics.

Enrolling Prints and Using the Clock

Enrolling Prints

  1. Access the Print Managers Menu by pressing 3 and entering the manager password or print then press "OK". If there is a "Security Warning" about the password being the default (1234) press "OK" to skip this.
  2. At the Enrollment Menu press 1 and follow the prompts on the clock. It should request the following:
  3. An employee PIN to register the print to in the system. This PIN should match one of the Card Number/Logins fields in Employee Setup for the employee enrolling.
  4. It will then ask the employee to register a new prints. This process will consist of the employee scanning their print and when prompted to removing their finger and then scanning their finger again when prompted. The amount of prints it will ask you to register varies depending on the clock.
  5. It will then lastly ask you to verify the print by again placing the employee finger on the reader and waiting for the clock to verify the print.
  6. After this you can then have another employee enroll following the above steps or press "X" (CANCEL) to go back to the date and time screen. If you are done you will want to press 9 to transmit the print templates to our server.
Some good tips if you have problems enrolling a print:
  • Try to enroll a different finger. Some have found success enrolling the ring finger as opposed to the index or middle finger as the ring finger doesn't come into direct contact with objects very often when doing manual work.
  • Also when enrolling try to avoid the finger tips and focus more on the region close to the top knuckle where the finger bends.

Clocking in and out

Employees can initiate a clock in by pressing 1 on the clock and an out punch by pressing 2. They can either place their print on the prism to complete the punch or enter their PIN. If they have a print enrolled and they enter a PIN, the clock will not complete the punch until it reads their print.

Disable/Enable PIN with Print Requirement

All of our FlexClocks (Z23/33, Z24/34 and Verifone FlexClocks with an attached PrintReader) will default to the "SEMI" mode requiring a PIN AND fingerprint verification when shipped. (Only if the PIN number has been enrolled with a fingerprint.) This is to provide our customers with  greater security and two types of authentications. This virtually eliminates the chances of a bad enrolled fingerprint being mistaken for another employee and having the punch assigned to the wrong time card.

To enable or disable the print only "Auto" method, do the following:
  1. Press 3 to access the clocks Managers Menu
  2. Enter in the managers password (the default is 1234) then OK
  3. Press 8. This opens up a hidden menu where you can turn this feature off/on
  4. Select 1 Auto Mode Enabled to have it accept prints only or 0 Auto Mode Disabled to require a PIN and print
  5. Press OK to accept the change then ESC to exit out of the menu.

All FlexClocks (excluding the Z11, and Z18 because they lack a built in reader and any TimeClocks (330/380)) should have this feature BUT only the newer ones shipped by us after April 22nd will have them enabled (PIN and Fingerprint verification) by default.

Any clocks already purchased before that date have the feature available, but you will need to access this menu to turn this on if they wish to use this feature.

Trusted PIN Numbers / Use PIN Only Punch

The Trusted PIN Number feature will allow employees to use a PIN number only to use a Z-clock or Vx Clock, even if the clock is set to never allow a PIN only punch. This feature provides the supervisor with the ability to have someone opt out of biometrics especially when the client has a person with difficulty getting a good read on their finger. This allows operations to continue in spite of the occasional exception. 

This feature is included in all Z-clocks and Vx Clocks with software version 757.2.111 and higher.

Each PIN number you wish to add to the clock's "trusted" list must be entered into each clock separately. These PINs will not be shared among different clocks.

Follow the instructions below to assign a trusted PIN number on a biometric clock:
  1. Initially, the PIN that needs to be trusted must have a print enrolled. The print can be a DUMMY print enrolled by anyone (e.g. the manager). This is just needed to allow for the Trusted PIN process. Note: Do not enroll a finger that has already been enrolled. If you use someone's finger that is already enrolled, use a different one, like the ring finger instead of the pointer finger.
  2. Press 3 to go in to the Manager's Fingerprint Menu. Enter the password (the default is 1234) and press ENTER/OK.
  3. Press button that corresponds to your clock:
  • Z-Clocks - press ALPHA/ABC
  • Vx-Clock - press F3
  • GT-400 - press ALPHA
  1. Press to access the ADD/DELETE Trusted PIN menu.
  2. Type the a PIN number to add a new trusted PIN. If the PIN you enter is already set as a trusted PIN, it will be deleted.
  3. Press OK and then exit to the time and date screen
The steps to removing a PIN number are exactly the same as above. By entering an existing trusted PIN in step 5, it will delete the PIN. 

To enter this menu on a non-biometric clock (which doesn't have a Manager's Fingerprint Menu), press Menu twice, and enter the code 87878 (spells TRUST). This code is not available on biometric clocks.

Once a PIN number is on the clock's trusted list, that employee will just need to press [1] or [2] on the clock and then enter their PIN number, to make a punch.


Fingerprint Management

Erase and Re-Download Prints from the Server

When an employees print is enrolled on the clock, it is saved in the clock and also on our servers. If you would like to update the prints stored on the clock, either because you want to download prints enrolled on other clocks or to remove prints that have been deleted, you can force the clock to recontact our servers and re-download the prints. 

Please see Print Downloading on Ethernet Clocks.

Adding Multiple Managers to Access the FlexClock Manager Menu

Software version 757.2.001 (and later) for the FlexClock adds the option to allow up to 4 Managers access to the Managers Menu with either a password, swipe card, or if you have the biometric PrintReader and a valid registered/enrolled print access via a finger print to the PrintReader Managers Menu.

It will also allow you to set up the Manager login with either 'Limited' or 'Full' access. The difference being that 'Limited' access allows for new print enrollment only and the 'Full' allows access to all Manager Menu features (add/change/delete etc.).
  1. To do so press '3' and you will be prompted to enter either a password or print. If nothing has been setup then you will need to use the default password of '1234' then ENTER (the green key) and this should take you to the Managers Menu.
  2. Once at the Managers Menu press '3' again and select either 1, 2, 3 or 4 as the location of the new Managers login. 4 is the limit as far as the amount of managers one can enroll at the clock..
  3. It will then ask what level of access you will want to assign to this login ('LIMITED' or 'FULL'). Make your selection then press ENTER again.
  4. It will then ask for a PIN number (card number) or to swipe your card. Either swipe the employee card or if entering a PIN, enter the employee number (Card1, Card2, Card3) from Employee Setup you want to use and press ENTER. 
  5. Note: If they have multiple card numbers in Employee Setup and they want to use their print to login to the Managers Menu they need to use the number that was used to enroll the print.
  6. Once done continue to press the red CANCEL key till you get to the date and time screen and test your newly created login (press 3) to make sure it allows for access.
As mentioned if the card number used was also assigned to a registered/enrolled print they should be able to just use their print to access the Managers Menu. 

How do you clean the PrintReader?

If you start to hear that the employee is having difficulty using a printreader it may be time to clean the prism on the reader. 

You can use a piece of scotch tape with the sticky side up and gently press it over the prism to remove any dust or debris. You may also use a lint free cloth to wipe off the area.

You will not want to use household cleaners or anything rough. 

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