Alternate Clock Prompts

Clock prompts are normally visible to all employees using a clock, however, there is a way to only prompt employees who use the alternate IN and OUT buttons on the clock, (the 4 and 5 buttons). This method is related to using color specific swipe cards to determine which employee is asked the clock prompt, but instead of a card, the employee will use different buttons on the clock. If you want this to work with an actual mag stripe card, please see Color Card Specific Clock Prompts.

This method applies only to physical, wall mounted clocks. It will not work with the Web Clock, TimeWorksTouch clock or TW Mobile App.
  1. If you are in TimeWorksPlus, begin by accessing the Account Configuration tab for the client. This is found in the Accountant Menu in  Client Configuration. In TimeWorks, look for Miscellaneous Settings. Either option will be found under Settings for the currently selected client.
  2. Locate the Alternate Color option. Set that to any of the choices available in the dropdown. The actual color chosen doesn't make a difference unless you are actually using color coded swipe cards. For the purposes of this article, just remember which color you have chosen.
  3. If you are in TimeWorks, save the changes with the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Next you will need to alter your clock prompt so that it is tied to this color. Go to the Clock Prompts rule in the Processing Rules page and click on the clock prompt. If you have yet to setup a clock prompt and are unfamiliar with how to do that, see Setup Clock Prompts.
IMPORTANT: If you are using TimeWorksPlus, you must be using prompts X,Y,Z,I,J, or K. It will not work with Web Only prompts.
  1. In the Clock Prompt Color Restriction, set the color to match the color you chose in Miscellaneous Settings. Save the change.
This will now tie the prompt to the alternate IN or OUT buttons on the clock depending on which action the prompt is being asked.

The alternate IN is the 4 key.
The alternate OUT is the 5 key.

For employees that need to answer this prompt, they will need to be instructed to use those keys in place of the 1 or 2. 


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