Reset Manager Password for Ethernet Clocks

The manager password is what allows a manager or supervisor to access the print menu and other administrative features on the clock itself. The default password on our clocks is 1234 but, if it has been changed and the manager has forgotten the password, it can be reset. The reset can only be performed by our partners, the client does not have the ability to reset their clock password.

The following article will guide you through the process of resetting the manager password on our physical clocks. This article does not apply to our analog Tranz 380 clocks. It will work for our:
  • Vx clocks
  • Z clocks
  • GT400
This process will involve working both with the clock itself and the client's account settings in the web interface.
  1. Get the serial number (S/N) and "code" from the clock. Both of these items can be viewed on the clock's system info screen. On Vx clocks, press the left purple "soft key" or press the [*] key. On the Z18 press the MENU key twice. On all other Z clocks press [*]. On the GT400, press the CAPS key. Both of these values will be displayed among other numbers.
  2. From the web system for the account, locate the Client Management Tools section in the Accountant Menu.
  • For TimeWorksPlus, click on the link that says Clock Password Maintenance
  • For TimeWorks, click Fingerprint / Password Maintenance
  1. ‚ÄčEnter the serial number and code numbers from the clock
  2. Choose Reset FlexClock manager password
  3. Click Get Reset Password and copy down the code it generates. This is a one use code.
  4. Return to the clock and access the System Info screen in the same manner as Step 1.
  5. Enter the code
This will reset the manager password back to the system default of 1234.

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