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Adding Clocks

In order for a physical clock to connect with SwipeClock (excluding TimeWorksTouch), the serial number of the clock needs to be assigned to the account. 

Adding clocks to the client's account is done from the Accountant Menu of SwipeClock. Choose the client for which you are assigning the clock and locate the Settings for Currently Selected Client section in the main window. Choose Add Clocks.

Enter the serial number from the clock in the Serial # column. This is the only required field in this screen. If you are unsure as to the clock's serial number, you may be able to get it from the box it was shipped in, from a sticker on the clock or, from the clock itself.

There are additional fields you can fill in on this page:
  • Terminal ID will allow you to label the clock. This can assist in identifying clocks when a client has multiple clocks. For instance "Main Office", "Break Room", etc. 
  • Loc Stamp can be used to populate a clock prompt on the time card with the clock's location. You will need to setup a clock prompt if you choose to use this feature.
  • Notes can be used for anything else you may want to document with the clock, like "installed 4/1/2013" or "temporary".
​Click Submit to save the changes. 

It's important to note that it can take up to 10 minutes for our servers to update with the newly assigned serial number. This means that if you transmit the clock before the servers update, it may not connect.

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