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Tranz 380 Dial Times

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 04:54PM MST

The Tranz 380 clock can be forced to transmit at anytime by pressing the "9" key, however, there are assigned dial times that are used so that the clock transmits at least once per day.

The clock can handle up to (4) four dial times. Two of those times are automatically assigned by the system, and those two times are updated frequently to balance out dial times across the system. The other two times can be requested. The four dial times are explained as follows:

  • Assigned Dial Time 1 - This time will dial out automatically, no matter what. If it does not receive an answer, it will wait until its second assigned time.
  • Assigned Dial Time 2 - This time will dial if Assigned Dial Time 1 was unsuccessful OR if punches have been added since Dial Time 1.
  • Requested Dial Time 1 - This time will dial out automatically, only if there are punches waiting to be transmitted.
  • Requested Dial Time 2 - This time will dial out automatically, only if there are punches waiting to be transmitted.

(TimeClock 330/380 only): Another way to see the assigned dial times is to do so on the clock itself by pressing FUNC, 2, 2. This will scroll the times in this order: primary assigned dial time, then backup assigned time.

Note that Ethernet and Cellular clocks will connect immediately to transmit punches when a network connection is available, irrespective of the scheduled dial times. These are "abbreviated" transmissions that are limited to sending punches. Certain things do not transfer during abbreviated transmissions, including: fingerprint updates, firmware updates, and changes to prompt settings. All clocks, including Ethernet and cellular clocks, will connect on the scheduled dial times for a full non-abbreviated update.

Changing the Requested Dial Times

The requested dial time can be changed for a Tranz 380 clock. In order to do this:
  1. Select the client and, from the Accountant Menu, choose Clock Status from the Accountant Administrative Tools section (Clock Management in TimeWorks). 
  2. Click on the serial number of the clock and locate Auto Dial Time Request.
  3. Click on change
  4. Fill out the information for Additional Dials
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